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Wellkum to TOMZRULE® where tomz can congregate away from dose gurlcatz wif dere bossy waze ®
tomzrule® is a private club where male cats find refuge from the
syrupy sweetness of web sites dedicated to foolish female felines

Any gurlcat found on dese purrmises will be escorted to this room fur punishment.

News and updates - just click here.

another stuck-up girlcat Are you sick and tired of smug gurlcatz who steal your fude, hide your toys, and den pretends like dey are so, so innocent?

Dey are evrurrywhere dese days. Dey call demselves Queen Dis and Queen Dat and spend all dere time planning dress-up parties where dey expects us to show up in uncomfortable cloze and pay fur all de catnip!

Lately, dey has even been phoning or showing up at Trail's End Bar and ovfur places to check up on us and to make us go home! Something must be done, and that something is tomzrule®!

Nosey Parker, founder of tomzrule®, in his BFCC Baseball Club cap Dose days of female feline nagging and hissing are ovfur, brofur cats, thanks to Nosey Parker. His klubb, tomzrule®, is a private club for male cats only.

Unlike ovfur internet klubbs, tomzrule® is not just a place to hang out, it's an ESCAPE PLAN - a unique method that purrtects you from bossy gurlz by preventing them from evfur knowing where you are or what you are doing!

Memfurship is open to all tomz who believe in freedom and independence from gurlz and their bossy ways. Memfurship has many privileges, including:

  1. Relaxation room. Lounge about in members-only environment where you can enjoy loud jukebox music, plentiful pizza, bountiful beer, and no gurlz!
  2. Overnight accommodations. Sleep or watch television with no bossy females telling you to "make yourself useful."
  3. Emergency transportation. Escape in a hurry or return home in a manner that makes sisfurs fuss over you, not at you.
  4. Forgotten event backup. Ever forget a purrday or wedwink anniversary? Fear no longer.
  5. Alibis at the ready. Go where you wish while tomzrule® tells the gurlz what you want them to believe. Unique, patented, trademarked, copyrighted service! Available at tomzrule® only and worth the memfurship!

Sound interesting? To learn the details, read the tomzrule® membership brochure.  Join now and regain your tom rights and privileges!

News and Updates

Latest issue of Caterwaul Chronicle, official klubb mewspaper available! Join the fun with tomz who enjoy being their catural gross and disgusting selves.

Now open 24/7 fur memfurs only! Paddy's Pub featuring The best 'nipzbrews in catdom (non-alcoholic fur tomz under 1 year old). The Paddy Dancers, 'nipzdrinking cattests, and other special events with tomz cattitude. Don't miss the Hula Honeys dancing nightly in the Luau Room.

Our Konfudenshull Direktoree lists memfurs and their web sites.

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Thank you all!

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